Polly Parmer Master Gardener, Texas2005-Protea-300 During our 44 years of marriage Jerold and I have had the privilege of taking several tours which consisted of both large and small groups. We enjoy experiencing new ideas, places and people. When we read about Ntaba’s tour to South African on our Master Gardeners’ Web Site, we were ecstatic. South Africa was a country we someday wanted to visit, but never had the right feeling for the time or the tour group. After visiting with both Stella and Rob Mountain, hearing their melodic voices with such enthusiasm about their country and family in South Africa, Jerold and I decided this was the time. Our decision to go with Ntaba African Safaris was more than we had hoped for. The size of the group and itinerary for the trip allowed us the privilege of getting to know some of the South African people. We learned of their heritage, experience their generosity, and enjoyed the happiness they shared with us. Visiting and eating in the homes of some of the people made the trip more special. We had many enjoyable surprises, the food being one. We, as did others, had taken snack bars in case the food was not good. That place in our suitcases was quickly replaced with wonderful hand crafted gifts and treasuries. The South African people are very talented and have learned to use their resources in handcrafting beautiful items out of most any type of materials they can find. Stella and Rob helped us in selecting items that had meaning and significance to the people. They would tell us the history of the craft and about the people who made them. Their knowledge and understanding of their country continued to make us want to return. At each location we visited Ntaba African Safaris had guides who were specialist in that area. They were well educated and knowable not only of their area but of South Africa in general. In addition to the guides Stella and Rob were always with us, answering questions and sharing their own knowledge of the South African animals, plants, history and culture. Rob’s mother and dad, who still live outside Cape Town, joined us on part of our tour. His mom made arrangements for the group to attend the most interesting piano concert, “A Hand Full of Keys”. Stella and Rob selected a wonderful itinerary of beautiful gardens, historical sites, exotic animal, geological sites, entertainment, excellent hotels, wonderful dining experiences, spacious tour buses and excellent guides. All nine people on the tour became like family with Rob and Stella seeing that each person had a wonderful experience in South Africa. That is just the way it was, great!!!!!

Foster Pettit Former Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky  Our tour with you in South Africa was wonderful. It was well thought out and planned, including Kruger National Park and the 2005-Group-300many gardens in the north as well as near Cape Town. Your attention to every detail and our comfort was very special, and it added greatly to our enjoyment of this once-in-a-lifetime trip.  

Jimm Edgar Birder, California This was a safe, well thought through trip. There were no ‘surprises.’ Things happened as planned and plans for the following day were discussed the night before and then happened pretty much that way. There was enough exposure to the real Africa in terms of people, culture, language, flora and fauna that you felt you had experienced the country. Difficulties were not glossed over or hidden either. The guides we had were very good. They all brought their own expertise to the table which was good. Keith, our guide in Kruger, was very good and knew a lot, but others were good also. David Nkosi brought a level of expertise to the trip that really set it apart. His acute vision, hearing and knowledge of the birds were extraordinary.  

Brenda Bush  Frankfort, Kentucky It had long been my desire to travel to Africa for the safari experience; to see the big guys in their natural habitat. As I researched tours and waited for the right opportunity, I met Ntaba African Safaris owners, Stella & Robin Mountain, living in my own hometown of Frankfort, Kentucky. Their September 2007 tour appealed to me for two reasons. (1) Mr. Mountain would accompany the group; (2) The itinerary covered a large area of the country with a variety of sightseeing and educational opportunities, a wonderful overview for a first time traveler to South Africa. 2007-Hyiena-300The highlight of the trip, for me, was Kruger National Park, which “partially” satisfied my desire. I write “partially” because once in Kruger is not enough; one safari (in a lifetime) is not enough. This trip only intensified my desire to return again. An added bonus was the beauty of South Africa, especially the mountains and coastal areas. Ntaba African Safaris did an excellent job in planning this trip – four and five star accommodation, very knowledgeable tour guides and safe drivers. I have already recommended Ntaba African Safaris to others and I would not hesitate to travel with Ntaba African Safaris again.    

Peggy California Every day was fabulous.  From Johannesburg to Cape Town – wonderful scenery, good food, great accommodations, and the friendliness of the people.  An excellent tour. Do it again? You bet!  

Kathy Mirilovich Versailles, Kentucky How in words can I express my trip to South Africa with Ntaba African Safaris? My purpose in going was single minded, seeing all the great majestic beasts before man drove them to extinction. What I was not prepared for was Robin’s love and pride of the land of his birth. We had accommodations situated on the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Cuisine that always had a touch of the native,  impala,  kudu, whatever your pleasure. Our tour took us to places as breathtaking as the Cape of Good Hope or the raw beauty of Tsitsikamma. I, personally, was brought to my knees by being in contact with those regal of all cats, the cheetahs; thrilled and a tad frightened by the sudden roar of a lion and his mate at the flank of our Land Rover. How about standing in the footprint of the greatest of creatures, the stately elephant! I hope you dare to live your dream and see Africa with and through the eyes of Robin Mountain.2007-Birding-300

  Virginia Nester  Frankfort, Kentucky I have traveled a lot and taken many tours, but just want to say that the South Africa trip was the best ever. Robin went out of his way providing the group personal, caring service. His knowledge of the country and ability to communicate with his people was such an added benefit and gave me such a feeling of security. I can’t say enough positive things about him and the experience of visiting his country. Even with the long flight to get there and back, I would return in a heartbeat!